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Original -Water = Genuine Pi-Water have made the reserch and development by WonYong.
"WonYong(Korea, Water Science Resercher, Namgung Geol)" have been studying the functional water, Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water) from on the organic water.
WonYong develped the new functional Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water), which is almost identical to the water in the body and the closest to organic water. The original technology that is supported by Korea government.(by "educational-industrial-Institute-government complex research & development project" at Inje University.)

1. "National project of Korea government(Performance technological innovation development project in Korea - WonYong -Water Technology supported by Korea government)"
2. "Industry-academic cooperation R&D with Inje University(Paik hospital foundation)"
3. "WONYONG R&D center" collaborating with "Chairman of Aqua institute in Japan, Water Science Resercher, Tawara Hajime"

WonYong created ideal functional water(completely different from the existing functional water) to our body that is the only genuine -Water[Vital Organic Water(Tarama Water)] in the world.

WonYong is the only genuine -Water manufacturer(The only right quality of -Water) in the world.

Pi()-Water is also as named "Miracle Water", "Amazing Water" and the "Water of the 21st. Century". Pi()-Water caused "Water(functional water) Revolution".

What is so special about this Pi()-Water[Gunuine Pi()-Water By WonYong]?

We have been convinced that it is truly it is truly the VITAL ESSENCE WATER. Application of this Pi()-Water are almost unlimited and are valuable to everybody especially those whom contribute to keep fighting against inviromental pollution.



The most important thing in maintaining a healthy life for Humans, Animals, Plants and other living forms is the Water contained inside its body. We call this water "Organic Water".
This organic water is totally different from the water that we use in our normal daily life. It plays an extremely important role in helping to natyrally keep a healthly condition.
Now how does this organic Water inside of our body perform such an important role?
It is belived to contain an unmeasurable amount of infinitesimal a healthy condition form the time the life form was created, and then it transfers those memorise to various organs invivo.
Pi()-Water has very similar characteristics to this organic water. Chemical explanation of this is that Pi()-Water also contains infinitesimal amounts of (Ferrous-Ferric Salts) which is treated by memory & transcript reaction of living body materials(enzyme, etc.) which give Pi()-Water the memory to activate life forms.

Why is such contained in organic water?
The history of life forms is believed to have originated back in the remote antiquity of billions of years ago when Earth was nothing but sea water and all life was created and formulated there form.
This theory explains why tears and sweat are salty becase it is part of the organic water of our body invivo.



WonYong Pi()-Water has three major abilities / characteristics.

1. One of its most remarkable abilities is detoxification action.

Most of the chemicals become noxious to life body when they become ionized. WonYong Pi()-Water has ability to control oxidation reduction reaction.
WonYong Pi()-Water has the maximum amount of power to control oxidation reduction reaction, whereas organic water is affected by various kinds of pollutions which limit its ability to helps to increase the ability of organic water to remove noxious ions from inside all life forms.

EVIDENCE: Dip a peice of rusted metal inside each container and you will see that the testing container. This shows scientific proof of control oxidation reaction & anti-oxidation. Also, WonYong Pi()-Water is excellent at preventing rotting. Its pH is well harmonizing with living body(control reduction reaction)
Fresh water fish (gold fish, trout) and sea water fish(snapper, mackerel) all lives in the same fish tank.
Needled to say; this is ordinally impossible......
But it's true. Fresh water fish cannot survive in sea water due to high level chlorine ions, and ocean fish cannot survive without salt water.
Evidence shows that
WonYong Pi()-Water can bring this impossible world into reality.
You can test this function for yourself with this simple experiment. Fill an empty container with tap water and another empty contaniner with
WonYong Pi()-Water.

2. Its second ability is it's natural healing power(Boost immunity).

Organic water also has the ability to maintain the healthy condition of humans and animals from the time they are born. When their health conditions become poor, it has the ability to bring it back to its original natural healthy condition.
For example, an injured animal will lick its wounded area to help it heal. The saliva is part of the organic water. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to maintain a healthy condition under all the existing environmental pollutions(ie; air pollution, agricultural chemical pollution, etc.).
Furthermore, drinking tap water contains chlorine and many other chemicals.
WonYong Pi()-Water helps organic water enhances human body's immune system & increase its natural healing power of life forms.

3. Finally, it's third ability is its ability to memorize and transfer given informations.

It not only maintain the given informations but it also transfers the memory to its entire surrounding. The mysterious wonder is that this memorizing and transferring ability is only performed when the information is beneficial to the life form itself.

EVIDENCE : It was discovered that Organic water is the key controlling fracter when the study theme was "How Plant and vegetable can only bloom and harvest in specific times of the year under only specific condition?"
To analyze this tested with flower, rice plants, radishes, tomatoes, peas, etc.
First, each group was given the ferrous-ferric salt to ungerminated seeds in a low temperature.
Then on group was kept under the condition of 4 hours irradiation/8 hours of darkness and the other group was given 8 hours irradiation /16 hours of darkness. When these two groups of seeds, were cultivated, the test proved they grew according to the conditions the seeds had been given.
Furthermore, it was confirmed that the 2nd generation seed from an original 1st generation fellows exactly the same progress pattern as the 1st generation seed.
From an enormous number of repeated testing, it discovered the most important controlling fractor in working with a gene.

WonYong Genuine Pi()-Water technology firmly receive reputation as the most important discovery and innovation on water science in the 21st century. You are willing to accept this WonYong Pi()-Water system and its scientific abilities, there are no other logical explanations for the amazing results caused by using WonYong Pi()-Water in various applicatons.


[ Original Pi()-Water technology ]
The only manufacturer of pi-water in the world...WonYong

WONYONG, is the only manufacturer of original(genuine) Pi()-Water items in the world.
Our company, WonYong is supplying the high-quality WonYong genuine pi-water worldly with the original pi-water technology.

Classification of Genuine WonYong Pi()-Water Technology(4 kinds):
- High Energy Functional Water : TARAMA WATER. Applicable to various fields for healthy life.

1. Highly-refined WonYong Pi()-Water Concentrate Solution [ High Energy WonYong Pi()-Water Drops ]
: V.O.W. Concentrate [Vital Organic Water Drops ; WonYong Pi()-Water Concentrate]

2. Highly-energized WonYong Pi()-Water Ceramic [ Used "WonYong Pi()-Water Ceramic for soaking type" ]
: WonYong Pi()-Water Ceramic Bag & Cartridge [WonYong Pi()-Water Generator ; Soaking type]

3. WonYong Pi()-Wate
r Filter System as High Energy Drinking Water
: TARAMA Pi()-Water Filter System [Multi-uses : Household use / Industrial use ; Filter type]

4. -Vaccine(Anti-Virus) technology
: WonYong Pi()-Vaccine

Original Pi()-Water product registered Trade Mark ;

At WonYong, the "TARAMA" trade mark is used for our Genuine Pi-Water (original product) related products. The "TARAMA WATER" is the brand name for our original Pi-Water, which is a WonYong's main product.

TARAMA is a Sanskrit (India's high class language) word meaning a lotus flower. A lotus grows in a muddy pond by sucking in and filtering out the dirty water. Using the dirty water, the locus can make beautiful leaves and flowers based on its water purification ability. Based on application and improvements beyond and above Pi-Water's original technology, Wonyong's products use the TARAMA trade mark, because they, like locus flowers, help in vitalizing (vitalize: living, healthy organic water) the organic fluids inside our tired and damaged body and protecting cells from excessive oxidation and damage (by active oxygen, carcinogenic elements, harmful substances, germs, decay, etc.) so that our health can be restored and maintained.

Original(Genuine) Pi-Water Technology
WonYong Co.,Ltd. : industry-academic cooperation with Inje University(Paik Hospital foundation)

WonYong Genuine Pi-Water technology(By WonYong Co.,Ltd.) supported by Korea government.

WonYong Original Pi()-Water Technology
- Authorized New-high-tech Industry(Which is designated from the government)
Our company is assigned with its new technology and potential power of the business by the Korea government Authority.
...[See details]

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